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Illegal copying, distribution and selling of CD's, audio and videocassettes edited by the Shrine

The Parish Office Medjugorje, the Information Center "Mir" Medjugorje and Mother's Village Bijakovici-Medjugorje kindly ask organisers and guides to inform the pilgrims that they have given to nobody the right to copy, distribute or sell CD's, audio and video cassettes edited by them. The exclusive copyright for these works belongs to the Parish Office Medjugorje, the Information Center "Mir" Medjugorje and/or Mother's Village Bijakovici-Medjugorje, and the income is used to carry on humanitarian activities and the development of the Shrine. The originals can be purchased only at the Souveir shop of the Parish Medjugorje. Production, selling and reselling of cheaper copies that can be found in other shops is entirely private and illegal.
We thank all the pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje for their understanding.


Registration for Participation in International Seminars in Medjugorje

If you wish to participate in International Seminars in Medjugorje (for married couples, for leaders of peace centers or for priests) this is where you can find detailed information and how to register: International Meetings.


For Better Communication: Exhaustive Rubrics of “Contacts”

In order to improve the communication between the friends of Medjugorje and different services here (the Parish Office, the Information Centre “Mir” Medjugorje, Humanitarian Activities), we have detailed for you the rubrics of “Contacts”, where you can find henceforth an exhaustive list of services, persons in charge and collaborators, as well as their telephone numbers and emails. (CONTACTS)


Possibility of Simultaneous Translation of the Prayer Programme

Organisers of pilgrimages who desire to offer to their groups a simultaneous translation of the prayer programme by radio can receive at the Parish of Medjugorje a microphone and a transmitter with FM frequency for this purpose.
For further information, please contact the Information Booth of the Shrine.  



Registration of pilgrimages prior to arrival to Medjugorje is necessary, so that the Information Booth may organise the programme for the pilgrims and thus serve them better. This is why we ask all organisers of pilgrimages to announce the arrival of their groups by e-mail to:
or by Tel/Fax: 00 387 36 651 988.
We recommend to all the organisers to make use of the services of local guides:
All additional information as well as contact with the guides for your group (for Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech and Slovak) can be obtained at the Information Booth by e-mail:
or by Tel/Fax: 00 387 36 651 988.


The Shrine Has Not Given the Mission to Anyone to Represent Medjugorje

To avoid any misunderstanding, we wish to underline that the Shrine has not given the mission to anyone to represent Medjugorje. The Shrine has not given any mission to any person or community - neither in Medjugorje nor outside of Medjugorje - to spread and interpret Our Lady's messages. All these are private and spontaneous initiatives of the faithful and of communities.


Renewal of contracts made with Fr. Slavko Barbaric

With the desire to spread the message of peace of Our Lady, many friends of Medjugorje from all over the world made numerous contracts during past years with Fr. Slavko Barbaric, linked to the publication of his works. These contracts will not be valid any more. From now on, it will be necessary to make a new contract with the Parish Office of Medjugorje for any new edition. We hope that you will understand and be open for new collaboration.  


Discretion is necessary in discernment of news about Medjugorje

Organizers of pilgrimages, responsible parties of Centers of Peace and Prayer Groups, regularly ask us many diverse questions about spectacular news related to the Apparitions of Our Lady, presumed declarations of visionaries and of the position of Herzegovinian Franciscans.
It is impossible to personally answer each one of them. However, we encourage pilgrims and friends of Medjugorje to first "discern in the Spirit and in Truth" news which may be heard or read, and we invite each and every one not to be mislead or deceived by sensationalism or by shallow, and sometimes malicious news, being published.  
All essential and necessary information concerning the events of Medjugorje can be found on our web-pages
, which is the 'official voice' from Medjugorje. We ask you to accept and to disseminate,in prayer and with seriousness, news coming from other sources, and - if necessary - to disregard this news completely.
All Franciscan Friars serving in the Parish of St. James in Medjugorje are here with the permission of the local Bishop, Monsignor Ratko Peric, and all possess their canonical jurisdiction for exercising their priestly ministry.  


Spreading of Information from the Shrine and Copyright

As we have already underlined on several occasions, the Shrine of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje and the Information Centre "Mir" Medjugorje are the only official voice and source of authentic information from Medjugorje.
We appeal to all of you to spread the information from the Shrine, and we encourage all the friends of Medjugorje to use the materials they find on this web page. When you use these materials, (texts, photos and others) it is obligatory to mention the source, i.e. © Information Centre "Mir" Medjugorje,
. We kindly ask you to do so.

We thank you for all that you are doing to spread Our Lady's message of peace!

© Informativni centar “Mir” Medugorje

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